Monday, June 7, 2010

Fright Hag #4: Helena, Hussy of Horror (or You ARE Woman Enough to Take My Man!)

Have I mentioned lately how delectable Brian Kirst is? To know him's to love him. A I just love that he's elected me Fright Hag of the week this week!

Below is his post, which you can also access on his blog: Big Gay Horror Fan.

As you all know, Big Gay Horror Fans do not live by bear meat alone (try as we might) and since she’s a comic force and a slinky delight, Helena, Hussy of Horror is a true shoe-in (or stiletto heel, as the case may be) as my latest pick for the ever glorious, always powerful Fright Hag.

Each of the webisodes at her delightful site brilliantly pay homage to a different horror film, but most importantly, I defy anyone to tell Big Gay Horror Fan that a woman who coins the phrase “Adrienne Barbeau’s” to describe breasts is anything less than a unheralded genius! (Plus, just like BGHF, this magnificent creature just can’t stand the color pink! And that, alone, is a solid recommendation for some major lovin’!)

So, ‘doll babies’ (to quote the grand one, herself), be sure to check out this fun and gothic-ly chic wonder! I believe she’s the future! And that ain’t no fake mammary gland, my friends! It’s the queer-ass truth!

Posted by Brian Kirst at 12:29 PM

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